One of the greatest advantages of our services is eliminating customers’ need to manually check off each payment. Billogram automatically matches the payments against your invoices so that the invoice is shown immediately in Billogram and you can check whether these are paid or not. In order to make this possible, we need to know about what has been paid and that's why the debtor pays into Billogram's client funds account, 639-8770. We then check off the payment using the OCR number, update it in Billogram and pay it out to you the same day. After that you usually receive the money on the next business day. 

Billogram complies with the Funds Accounting Act 1944:181. This means that your cash funds are kept separate from Billogram's own assets and that in the case of a bankruptcy, you have the right to separation, that is, you have the right to withdraw your money from the bankruptcy estate regardless of the amount in question. More information on client funds accounts is available on the Riksgälden's (Swedish National Debt Office) web page.